The Bobcat® 3600 utility vehicle brings the highest standards for comfort, ease of use, and durability

With an easy-to-operate and low maintenance hydrostatic drive, you can perform many demanding tasks with ease. With the optional cab, heat and air conditioning, you’ll be more comfortable year-round as you use the 3600 on your acreage, campus, jobsites and other properties.


Hydrostatic Drive

Move forward or reverse simply by pressing your toe or heel on the travel control pedal. It’s ideal for tasks that require repetitive back and forth movements. Travel at a top speed of 30 mph.


Comfort All Year

Comfort options like a modular cab, heat and air conditioning enable you to operate year-round. Whether you’re in the frigid cold or hot sun, you and up to two passengers are able to stay comfortable while doing your tasks. Other comfort considerations like tilt steering, comfortable bench seats and quiet operation are standard.


Industry-Leading Payload and Towing

A powerful 24 hp engine, four-wheel disc brakes and front Dual A-Arm and rear De Dion suspension give the 3600 an industry-leading payload and towing capabilities. The 1,750 lb. vehicle rated capacity (occupants, cargo box and accessories) is the industry’s highest, letting you haul more in fewer trips. Transport landscaping materials, tools, hunting gear, jobsite materials and more while maintaining a comfortable and stable ride.