Revolutionise your attachment capabilities with the Toolcat™ 5610 utility work machine.

With the ability to use front mounted attachments and rear-mounted implements, buildings and grounds crews, landscapers, agriculture producers, property owners and others can reduce the time spent stopping to change attachments and get more done in less time.

Like the 5600, the Toolcat 5610 is also a compact loader and attachment carrier, with a front lift arm that has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 1,500 pounds. To increase productivity you can add the available 3-point hitch and PTO, and buy, rent or use existing Category 1, 3-point implements up to 1,775 pounds to do hundreds of different tasks. Add optional rear remote hydraulics to adjust and control individual implement functions. With the right combination of attachments and implements, you can complete a single job – like preparing a food plot – in just a single afternoon. Mount a grapple up front and add a rotary cutter or tine rake to the rear – and clear your plot site from the front and behind.

When you’re ready to break ground, amend soil with fertilizer or manure and prepare for planting, switch to a front mounted tiller or a 3-point hitch tiller. Attach a seeder to finish the job. The only reason to leave the controls of your Toolcat 5610 is to switch your attachments.

The panoramic cab offers a clear view of your attachments and surroundings. Everything you need to operate is cleanly laid out, within easy reach, and most importantly, simple to operate. The Toolcat utility work machine’s simple, responsive joystick provides hassle-free attachment control. A simple switch or lever activates most features.