Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV

Get more done on your farm with a Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV. With its powerful engine and off-road capabilities, it can handle any terrain – making it perfect for exploring your land in style.

Starting From $24,990* | specs

Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV

Explore Your Property in Style with the Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV

As a farmer, you know the value of having reliable and efficient equipment to get your work done. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV, the ultimate farm utility vehicle for your property.

With its powerful engine and rugged design, the UT10 can handle any terrain, making it perfect for farmers who need to move around their properties easily and safely. Whether you’re tending to livestock, crops, or managing a dairy, the Fugleman UT10 is a versatile workhorse that will help you get more done in less time.

Starting From $24,990*

The Perfect Side-by-Side Buggy for Your Property's Adventures

As a property owner with acreage or a hobby farm, having the right equipment to explore your land is paramount. With the Fugleman UT10, you can experience the ultimate side-by-side buggy that’s designed to meet your unique needs.

With its powerful engine and off-road capabilities, the Fugleman UT10 can handle any terrain, making it perfect for property owners who want to explore their land in style. Whether you’re looking to go on a leisurely ride with family and friends, or need to get work done around your property, it’s the perfect choice for you.

Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV
Segway Fugleman

Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV

The Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV is a tough machine designed to lighten your work-load and maximise farming efficiency. With its muscular and capable design and high power to weight ratio, it’s the ultimate utility vehicle for farmers who need to get the job done quickly and safely.

Whether you’re managing livestock, crops, or dairy, the Fugleman UT10 is built to handle the toughest conditions, making those trips around the paddock a blast. 

Push the boundaries and take your farm’s productivity to the next level.

Segway Fugleman - Made for More
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Extreme Performance Air Shocks

Convenient 450KG Capacity
Tilt Box & Tow Hitch

Front Diff Steering & Rear Diff Lock

Front Diff Steering &
Rear Diff Lock

Lightweight HC Steel Frame

Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

Convenient Life Assistant

Bumper Plate + 3500 /
4500 LB Electric Winch

Contrasting Colour Scheme

The Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV is the ultimate off-road vehicle designed to handle tough jobs and harsh environments with ease. With its rugged and versatile design, there’s no job too big for this powerful machine.

Available in three great colours – Electric White & Tensive O&R, Bold Black & Dream Green, Innovative Grey & Bold Black – the Fugleman UT10 is not only tough, but stylish too.

Segway Fugleman UT10 UTV - Red and White

The Fine Print

Overseas models may be shown with accessories that are not standard fitment. Segway Powersports reserves the right to vary colours, specifications and pricing at any time. Please contact Delecca’s for final specifications and pricing. *RRP includes GST. Pricing does not include any registration costs.