Rapid Spray

Rapid Spray manufactures a range of products for agricultural and industrial industries. These include tanks, sprayers, fire fighting units and dust suppression units.


Rapid Spray makes a range of different tanks to suit any need or liquid, from cartage tanks and fully draining spray tanks to diesel tanks and rinse bins. Their tanks have a reputation as the thickest and toughest on the market and are backed by a full term 15 year tank warranty.


Rapid Spray manufactures many unique sprayer products that can’t be found elsewhere, including hand trolley sprayers, spot sprayers, field sprayers, linkage sprayers and trailers. Use them by hand or find one compatible with your machine/vehicle.

Fire Fighting Units

Make sure you have the first stage of fire protection at hand with Rapid Spray’s range of firefighting equipment from pump and motor kits and knapsacks to ute mount firefighting units and large firefighting trailers.