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Small tractor

Check out Bobcat’s small tractor range! Strong, up to 55 horsepower, and can work with lots of attachments. In short, we have the perfect range of mini tractor / small tractors for sale for your small farm or acreage.

0.99%* Finance on all bobcat tractors

Grab Your Dream Compact Tractor Today!

Looking for a small tractor for sale? Now’s the time to get a great deal!

For a short time, we’re making it easy for you to own a Bobcat mini tractor. With super low finance at 0.99%*, a small 10% deposit, and you’re ready to go right away!

Our small tractors for sale are best in class, strong, and ready to make your farm work a breeze. Be quick, it’s for a short time only and for approved buyers only. Reach out to us, and one of our Bobcat experts will give you a call to discuss your needs.

small tractor for sale
A person sits operating a black and white Bobcat compact tractor with orange wheels and a front-end loader attached. The tractor is on grass in a park-like setting with large trees and green foliage in the background, suggesting work in a landscaping or maintenance setting.

Discover the Magic of a Bobcat Small Tractor

Welcome to a world where farming feels like play – not work. All in all, Bobcat Small Tractors are your ultimate playmates on the farm, perfectly sized for all kinds of adventures. Whether it’s tending to gardens, caring for animals, moving hay, or mowing acreage, these tractors are up for anything.

We invite you to download The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bobcat Compact Tractor, so that you can get a good understanding of your options.

Why a Bobcat Small Tractor Is Perfect for Your Farm

Bobcat Small Tractors are the heroes of small farms, fitting perfectly into your farming lifestyle. All in all they’re versatile, coming with a toolbox of attachments for a range of tasks, making them the swiss army knife of the farming world. They’re easy to use, so you won’t break a sweat learning how to drive them. Plus, they’re kind to your wallet and the Earth, using less fuel to do their job.

These tractors are as tough as they come, promising to be by your side through thick and thin, helping with all your farm chores without a fuss. In essence, they transform hard work into fun, allowing you to relish the beauty of your land more and toil less. Whether it’s growing delicious treats or taking care of your animals, Bobcat Small Tractors make every task a joy.

Embrace the power of small tractors with Bobcat. In short, Delecca’s and Bobcat are here to turn your farming into an adventure, sprinkling joy into every corner of your land. Explore which small tractor is the perfect companion for your farm adventure!

A person is operating a white Bobcat tractor with a front loader carrying a roll of fabric, on a gravel surface with a wooden fence and horses in the background, reflecting a rural setting with homes and autumnal trees under a clear blue sky.

Discover Your Perfect Farm Companion with Bobcat Tractors

Looking for the best small tractors for sale? In that case, you’re in the right place.

Our Bobcat Tractors are just what your small farm needs. Undeniably strong, can do many jobs, and are perfect for any small acreage or hobby farm.

With a tractor from our Bobcat mini tractor range, farming is easier and more fun. With this in mind, let’s find the ideal helper for your farm today.


Sneak through tiny spaces and make garden care a breeze.


Help your veggies and fruits thrive, ready for anything.


Excels in larger gardens, embracing a variety of tasks.


Tackle the big challenges, ensuring your farm always shines.


Ready to face any task and help your farm dreams come true.

Need some help deciding which small tractor is right for you?

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The team at Delecca’s have a lifetime of experience with the Bobcat brand. In fact, we’re Australia’s longest serving supplier of Bobcat products (including mini tractors) – with over 40 years and counting!

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Small Tractor by Bobcat

0.99% Finance Fine Print

0.99% over 36 month finance is offered on new Bobcat compact tractors on a chattel mortgage with 10% deposit required, followed by equal monthly repayments and no balloon. Finance is subject to credit approval and is only available to approved ABN holders. Not available in conjunction with any other offers. Terms and conditions apply. For further details, contact Delecca’s.

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Maintain your equipment with original Bobcat components to maximise uptime. We guarantee that Bobcat parts operate optimally when combined with Bobcat machines. In short, they’re durable, dependable, and proven to work.

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At Delecca’s we have a huge range of spare parts to suit our brands. We use both original and aftermarket consumables, so you can be sure that when your equipment needs servicing or maintenance it will get done in a timely fashion.

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