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Get your forklift from Delecca’s. We’re an independently owned, family-run Australian company specialising in forklift hire, sales and servicing.

forklift hire sales and service by Delecca's

Our Forklift Range

At Delecca’s, we offer an extensive selection of machinery and equipment available for hire in Victoria, tailored to both your indoor and outdoor requirements. 

Our offerings include the Clark and EP forklift range for hire and purchase, as well as Bobcat telehandlers. Whether you’re in construction, maintenance, distribution, or warehousing, Delecca’s ensures you have the right forklift for the task. 

The future of material handling is undeniably electric. As businesses globally recognise the environmental, economic, and operational benefits, electric forklifts are set to become the industry standard. With their advanced technology, reliability, and eco-friendly design, EP Forklifts are not just meeting the demands of this electric future—they are defining it.

Dive into our diverse range and discover the perfect equipment for your specific needs.

Transform Your Worksite with a Forklift from Delecca’s

With over 15 years in the hire industry, Delecca’s brings unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of your unique business demands. 

As an Australian-owned company, we specialise in forklift rentals, sales, parts, and accessories, ensuring you receive only the most reliable forklifts and telehandlers. 

Our vast fleet of forklift and material handling equipment offers diverse power options, including petrol, LPG, diesel and electric. 

Take pride in partnering with us, as we boast one of the largest forklift and telehandler fleets in regional Victoria and southern New South Wales.

forklift hire sales and service by Delecca's
electric forklift hire sales and service by Delecca's

Pioneering the Electric Future of Material Handling

In the rapidly evolving world of material handling, EP Forklifts stands out as a beacon of innovation. Renowned for their commitment to sustainability and efficiency, EP Forklifts are at the forefront of the electric revolution in the industry.

Electric-powered forklifts, offer a myriad of advantages over their traditional internal combustion counterparts – notably they produce zero emissions. 

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, transitioning to electric forklifts is not just a nod to sustainability — it’s a leap. By using EP Forklifts, your business can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.

Equipment Servicing done right

For over 45 years, Delecca’s has been a trusted name, leading the charge in mechanical servicing and repairs. Our expertise is deeply rooted in handling premier brands, notably Clark forklifts, Bobcat telehandlers, and now introducing EP electric forklifts.

Our seasoned team is not only well-versed with the intricacies of these machines but is also primed for rapid on-site repairs, meticulous servicing, and thorough inspections. This ensures that any disruptions to your operations are minimal, significantly reducing your operational downtime.

Furthermore, our commitment to seamless service is evident in our in-house spare parts division. Boasting an impressive inventory valued at over $1 million, we have a vast array of components at our fingertips. 

This ensures that no matter the issue, we have the part you need, eliminating prolonged waiting times. Place your trust in Delecca’s, and we promise to keep your business moving.

electric forklift hire sales and service by Delecca's

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Parts, Service and Support

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Maintain your equipment with original Bobcat components to maximise uptime. We guarantee that Bobcat parts operate optimally when combined with Bobcat machines. In short, they’re durable, dependable, and proven to work.

maintenance made easy

At Delecca’s we have a huge range of spare parts to suit our brands. We use both original and aftermarket consumables, so you can be sure that when your equipment needs servicing or maintenance it will get done in a timely fashion.

Introducing the Delecca's Team

About Us - Delecca's

It's more than just machinery to us

it's a way of life

Founded by passionate motor mechanic Ron Delecca in 1977, Delecca’s has been a family run business offering a premium range of machines for over 40 years.

Located in the Central Victoria region, Jason, Leigh and Ron are proud to offer an extensive range of premium products and services.

Our team can deliver specialised products that suit your specific needs – whether it be buying, hiring or servicing, we know we can get the job done for you.