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Side by Side ATV

Looking for a powerful off-road vehicle to conquer the Australian terrain? The Segway Villain Side by Side ATV range has you covered.

Segway Side by Side ATV Range

Unleash the Power of the Segway Villain Side by Side ATV Range

Prepare to encounter unrivalled performance and power with the Segway Villain range.

Due to its optimised design and electronic fuel injection system, the 1,000CC liquid cooled, dual cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine produces a whopping 105HP and 93.5Nm of torque.

Its powertrain is capable of handling any challenge, whether it involves operating in extreme heat or cold or high altitudes.

Enjoy the Benefits of Extreme Gas Suspension for Off-Road Adventure

Experience the ultimate ride with the Segway Villain range.

The Extreme Performance Gas Suspension includes remote-reservoir front and rear air shocks, adjustable dual-speed compression, and rebound.

With dual A-arm, 400 mm wheel travel, and 450mm rear suspension wheel travel, rough terrain is no match.

Plus, the LCD dashboard with adaptive display and adjustable seat make for a comfortable and informative ride.

Get ready to take on any challenge in style.

Segway Side by Side ATV Range
Segway Side by Side ATV Range

Revolutionise Your Off-Road Adventure with Segway

The LCD Dashboard with an adaptable display on the Segway Villain range gives drivers all the information they need at a glance.

Drivers may select which information is presented on the adaptable display, ensuring they have the relevant information at the right time.

Even in the most difficult terrain, this function aids drivers in maintaining awareness and concentration while operating a vehicle.

The safe and reliable choice for off-road adventures

In order to give drivers and passengers the best possible protection, the Segway Villain range was built with safety as its top priority.

Riders are kept safe and secure by the vehicle’s steel frame and roll cage, which are made to endure even the worst circumstances.

The Segway Villain’s sturdy build is complemented by a number of safety measures, including seatbelts and a safety net. The safety net adds further security by preventing passengers from tumbling out of the vehicle in the case of an accident, while the seatbelts hold occupants firmly in place.

Segway Side by Side ATV Range

Segway Side by Side ATV Range

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