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Mini Excavator

Discover your ideal mini excavator for sale within our top-tier Bobcat range. Here at Delecca’s, we pride ourselves in housing the finest and most sought-after construction machinery in Victoria.

Bobcat E10 Mini Excavator

You’ll love the range of Bobcat mini excavators for sale from Delecca's

Overwhelmed by the numerous options in the mini excavator market? Struggling to find the best fit tailored to your specific needs?

We understand how crucial the right choice is, whether you’re seeking an easily transportable, compact model, or a formidable, power-packed machine.

Your quest for the ideal mini excavator for sale ends here. Welcome to Bobcat by Delecca’s. We offer a comprehensive range of mini excavators, from nimble 1-tonne models to robust 8-tonne behemoths. No matter your excavation requirements, there’s a Bobcat machine just for you.

And what’s more? Every Bobcat mini excavator for sale comes with our world-renowned warranty. This means you can buy with confidence, knowing you are backed by our commitment to quality and service.

Don’t just buy a mini excavator, invest in a Bobcat. Embrace excellence. Amplify your excavation capabilities. Make your purchase today.

discover your perfect mini excavator

Navigating the world of excavators can be challenging, especially when deciding how much weight is right for your project. Does heavier always mean more powerful? Well, not necessarily.

Excavator weights can vary vastly, ranging from a mere few hundred kilograms to just shy of nine thousand. So, which one is the perfect match for your needs? The answer is straightforward: it all hinges on the job at hand.

Are you working in confined spaces or lifting hefty loads? Then a heavier excavator might be your go-to. Conversely, if you’re operating in softer soil or sandy conditions, a lighter, nimble model may prove more efficient. It’s your unique project requirements that will guide you to the ideal mini excavator for sale.

Don’t settle for less. Discover your perfect match from our comprehensive range of mini excavators for sale. Optimise your performance and power, because the right tool for the job is just a click away. Act now, and seize the power of choice.

Bobcat E88 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E10 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E20 Mini Excavator

2 tonne to 4 tonne Mini excavators

Bobcat E30 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E32 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E35 Mini Excavator

5 tonne to 7 tonne Mini excavators

Bobcat E50-R Mini Excavator

Bobcat E50z Mini Excavator

Bobcat E55 Mini Excavator

Bobcat E60 Mini Excavator

8 tonne Mini excavators

Bobcat E88 Mini Excavator

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The team at Delecca’s have a lifetime of experience with the Bobcat brand. In fact, we’re Australia’s longest serving supplier of Bobcat products – with over 40 years and counting!

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Bobcat E50-R Mini Excavator

Parts, Service and Support

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Maintain your equipment with original Bobcat components to maximise uptime. We guarantee that Bobcat parts operate optimally when combined with Bobcat machines. In short, they’re durable, dependable, and proven to work.

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At Delecca’s we have a huge range of spare parts to suit our brands. We use both original and aftermarket consumables, so you can be sure that when your equipment needs servicing or maintenance it will get done in a timely fashion.

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Founded by passionate motor mechanic Ron Delecca in 1977, Delecca’s has been a family run business offering a premium range of machines for over 40 years.

Located in the Central Victoria region, Jason, Leigh and Ron are proud to offer an extensive range of premium products and services.

Our team can deliver specialised products that suit your specific needs – whether it be buying, hiring or servicing, we know we can get the job done for you.