How much does it cost to hire a forklift?

One question many businesses grapple with is: should we buy or hire a forklift?

Bottom line up front

Hiring a forklift is a decision influenced by various factors, from the type of forklift to the duration of hire – but you can expect to pay from $135 (exc. GST) per week* for a 2.5 tonne LPG or diesel forklift. For businesses in regional Victoria and southern New South Wales, Delecca’s offers a range of options from top brands like Clark and EP, ensuring you get the best equipment tailored to your needs.

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Forklifts are the backbone of many industries, from construction to agriculture. They streamline operations, making tasks like lifting and transporting heavy items a breeze. But one question many businesses grapple with is: should we buy or hire a forklift? 

Let’s delve into the costs associated with hiring a forklift, especially for businesses operating in rural Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Factors influencing forklift hire costs

Type of forklift

Clark Forklifts: These forklifts operate on internal combustion engines, which means they rely on fuels like diesel or petrol. They are often chosen for their power and ability to operate continuously over long periods. Their operational costs might be influenced by fluctuating fuel prices.

EP Forklifts: Electric forklifts, like those from EP, are powered by batteries. They are quieter, produce zero emissions, and are often preferred for indoor operations or environments where noise and emissions are a concern. While their upfront or hiring cost might be higher due to the battery and charging infrastructure, they can offer savings in the long run with lower operational costs and less maintenance.

Lift capacity and mast height

Lift Capacity: Forklifts are designed to handle varying weights, from a few hundred kilograms to several tons. The more weight a forklift can handle, the more robust its build and the higher its hiring cost.

Mast Height: This refers to how high the forklift can lift a load. Forklifts designed for warehousing might have a higher mast height to reach top shelves, while those for construction or agriculture might not need such heights. The engineering required for higher masts can influence the cost.

Duration of hire

Short-term hires, like a day or a week, might have a higher daily rate compared to long-term hires. This is because of the administrative and logistical costs associated with frequent turnovers.

Long-term hires, spanning several months, often come with discounted rates as it guarantees steady revenue for the hiring company and reduces turnover costs.

Brand and model

Clark: A well-established brand known for its durability and performance. Specific models, especially those with advanced features or capabilities, might have a premium hiring cost.

EP: As a leading name in electric forklifts, EP models might come with a different price structure, especially if they feature the latest in battery technology or automation.

Age and condition

New Models: The latest models, equipped with modern technology and features, will naturally fetch a higher hiring price. They offer better performance, efficiency, and often come with advanced safety features.

Older Models: Even if they’re in excellent condition, older models might be priced lower. However, they might lack some of the latest features or efficiencies of newer models.


Rural Victoria and Southern New South Wales: These regions sometimes have specific logistical challenges, and distance from major hubs can influence transportation costs. Additionally, the accessibility of certain sites, especially in more remote areas, can add to the hiring cost due to transportation complexities or the need for specialised equipment.

Hire a forklift - Delecca's

Additional costs to consider

Delivery and Pickup Fees: Depending on the distance and accessibility of your site, transportation costs can vary.

Maintenance and Repairs: With Delecca’s, you can rest easy knowing that we handle most maintenance and repair concerns during the hire period.

Training and Certification: If your operators need training, especially for specific models, there might be additional costs.

Insurance: It’s crucial to have coverage for potential damages or accidents, which might add to the hiring cost.

Benefits of hiring over buying

Flexibility: Hiring offers the advantage of getting a forklift only when you need it, especially for seasonal requirements in agriculture or specific construction projects.

Up-to-date Equipment: By hiring, you have access to the latest models from Clark and EP without the commitment of purchasing.

Maintenance and Repairs: Delecca’s takes care of most maintenance concerns, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Budgeting: Hiring allows for predictable expenses without the need for a significant capital outlay.

Hire a forklift - Delecca's

Tips to save on forklift hire

Bulk Hiring: If you need multiple units, Delecca’s can offer discounts.

Off-peak Seasons: Consider hiring during times when demand is lower to get better rates.

Negotiating Long-term Contracts: If you foresee a long-term need, negotiating a contract can lead to better monthly rates.

How can we help?

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* $135 per week forklift rental is based on single shift application and does not include delivery. New forklift rental rates based on 60 month rental term. Terms and conditions apply, and rates are likely to change during peak seasons.

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