How to attach a mid mount mower

Here’s some tips on how to attach and remove a mid-mount mower on your Bobcat small tractor.

Enhancing Your Acreage

For landowners in Victoria, balancing the beauty and sustainability of small acreages is a constant endeavour.

Today we’re going to walk through the simple yet vital process of connecting and disconnecting a mid-mount mower – a task that embodies the efficiency and versatility at the heart of Bobcat small tractors. From ensuring your equipment is prepped on level ground to the final adjustments for optimal mowing, we’re here to help to enhance your land’s beauty.

Key points

Preparation: Ensure the mower and tractor are on flat, level ground before starting.

Locking Pins: Connect front and rear mower locking pins securely.

PTO Driveline Connection: Properly connect the PTO Driveline to the tractor’s mid PTO shaft.

Adjusting Mower Height: Adjust the mower to the desired cutting height before use.

Mower Operation: Start with low engine speed, engage the mid PTO, then increase engine speed.

PTO System: Familiarise with engaging and disengaging the PTO system for safe operation.

Removal Process: Follow steps to safely remove the mower, including lowering it to the ground and disconnecting the PTO Driveline.

Safety Measures: Always engage the parking brake and turn off the PTO system when not in operation.

Maintenance: Regular checks and maintenance ensure longevity and performance.

Manual Reference: Always refer to the operation and maintenance manual for detailed instructions.

About Us

At Delecca’s, we understand the unique challenges faced by owners of small acreages. Our range of compact small tractors, zero-turn mowers, and utility vehicles from reputable brands like Bobcat and Segway are not just tools but partners in nurturing your land’s potential. With over 40 years of serving the local community, we are committed to providing solutions that respect your time, your land, and the planet.

Whether it’s maintaining the serene landscape of your residence or engaging in sustainable gardening and farming practices, our all-in-one service model ensures you have the support you need. Our products are selected for their quality, sustainability, and ability to contribute to the aesthetic value of your property.

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