Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor

The Bobcat CT4055 compact tractor is the biggest of the small tractors. Built for heavy-duty tasks on large properties, it has the horsepower to get it all done.

Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor

The powerful compact tractor that can handle the big jobs

The Bobcat CT4055 compact tractor is the perfect tractor for anyone who needs a lot of power in a small package. It’s got all the features you need to take on tough tasks, like mowing, grading driveways, and landscaping.

You’ll be able to do more with this tractor than ever before. You’ll appreciate its comfortable seat, easy-to-use controls, and great visibility. With 55 horsepower available and a durable design, it can handle anything you throw at it. Plus, it’s easy to operate so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

you get to do it all

The Bobcat CT4055 compact tractor has a manual synchro shuttle transmission for on-the-fly shifts and an open workstation with a Roll-Over Protective Structure for getting on and off the tractor fast during the day.

With greater horsepower to operate heavy-duty attachments and equipment, the 55 horsepower, turbo-charged Bobcat CT4055 can mow big properties, grade driveways, move heavy materials, and perform significant digging.

This heavy-duty work horse has a rear PTO, four-wheel drive, and a Category 1 three-point hitch, allowing you to use a variety of equipment to get more done on your property.

Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor

Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor Specifications

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