The McCormick G-MAX cab tractor is a powerful machine that can handle any job you throw at it.

McCormick G-MAX Cab Tractor

The perfect view in all directions

The perfect view
in all directions

Following a thorough redesign, the new McCormick G-MAX cab tractor is now available. 

Updates include a new, luxurious four-post cab with spacious glass, a fully adjustable spring seat, hydraulic steering, and ergonomically placed controls – all which contribute to your ability to operate in utmost comfort.

The hood’s sloping line, which reflects the McCormick family’s design, offers a clear vision in all directions, which enhances manoeuvrability and driving comfort.

Looking for a powerful tractor that can handle any job?

The McCormick G-MAX is the perfect choice. It’s available in two types of transmissions, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Plus, it has a PTO with wet multi-disc clutch, so you can power all your farm equipment.

You’ll love the creeper mode on this tractor – it makes it easy to move slowly and smoothly when you need to get precision work done. And with a wide range of forward and reverse gears, you’ll be able to tackle any terrain.

McCormick G-MAX Cab Tractor


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McCormick G-MAX Farm Tractor