The new McCormick X5M cab tractor combines technology, adaptability, and simplicity of handling.

McCormick X5 Cab Tractor

The perfect blend of power and comfort

McCormick now offers the new X5M series of tractors, which are perfect for broad field and all-around farm work, for farmers looking for power and comfort.

There are two variants available: the X5.100M and X5.110M, which generate 95 and 102 hp of maximum power, respectively.

There are two trim levels available for the range: Premium, which is designed to entirely suit all of your demands, and Efficient, which offers entry-level specifications.

The small size of the new, more attractive design has not changed, but it provides the operator more visibility and comfort.

Hay now – you’re a rockstar

The new McCormick X5M combines technology, adaptability, and simplicity of handling.

Its exceptional features and performance make it the ideal tractor for agile transport, front loader barn and shed work, and light-duty open field work. It provides a meaningful response to customers’ requirements in farms – notably the hay sector.

McCormick X5 Cab Tractor


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McCormick X5M Farm Tractor