Experience the power and precision of the McCormick X7 cab tractor – giving your control like never before.

McCormick X7 Cab Tractor

Superior design. Maximum comfort.

Superior design.
Maximum comfort.

Operator comfort is key when it comes to working long hours on a tractor.

With the McCormick X7, the Semi-Active Cab Suspension ensures that you’re comfortable no matter what the terrain conditions are. This innovative technology senses the movement of the tractor and adjusts the shock absorber firmness accordingly, making for a smoother ride.

Not only will you be more comfortable while working, but you’ll also be able to work longer hours with less fatigue.

Efficiency, performance and flexibility

Looking for a powerful tractor that is fuel efficient?

The McCormick X7 tractor has a 6.7-litre engine that makes it powerful and fuel efficient. You’ll love the engine brake pedal, which makes driving smoother during transport work.

You’ll also appreciate the four models available, with horsepower ranging from 166 hp to 225 hp. No matter what your needs are, there is sure to be an option that suits your requirements.

McCormick X7 Cab Tractor
McCormick X7 Cab Tractor

Move more smoothly

The McCormick X7 comes with a P6-Drive transmission that has five robotically-activated ranges and six Powershift speed gears. You can even choose the engine speed, and the Smart APS system will automatically select the most suitable range and gear for you.

You’ll be able to work faster and more productively with the X7. Its features are designed to make your job easier so you can spend less time maintaining your equipment and more time getting things done.

Control your tractor like never before

McCormick have been hard at work, developing a tractor that is not only powerful and efficient but also equipped with the latest in technology. With the Data Screen Manager (DSM) system, you can control all aspects of your tractor with just the touch of a button.

The rear-view camera will help you avoid any accidents while transporting your equipment, and the advanced headland management functions make it easier than ever to navigate those tight corners.

Experience the power and precision of the McCormick X7 cab tractor today.

McCormick X7 Cab Tractor


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McCormick X7 Farm Tractor