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Discover the Power of Penrite Oils at Delecca's

The perfect blend of performance, durability and efficiency – welcome to Delecca’s range of Penrite Oils. Australian made and Austrlaian owned, Penrite Oils are crafted for the hard-working machines in construction, agriculture, and fleets – these oils deliver optimal results even under the toughest conditions. 

Trust Penrite Oils to keep your machinery running smoothly and reliably.

The Penrite Range

For every machine, for every challenge, there’s a Penrite Oil to meet your needs. Unleash the power and longevity of your equipment with our handpicked selection.

Convoy DHD 15W-40 Oil

Take the first step towards peak machine performance. 

Convoy DHD 15W-40 Oil (Premium Mineral)

Power, performance, and approval from the makers themselves – introduce your machinery to the robust capabilities of the Penrite Convoy DHD 15W-40 Oil. This heavy-duty, high-performance engine oil has been meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards.

An ideal fit for vehicles with and without Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Convoy DHD offers you unrivalled reliability and efficiency. Manufactured from a premium blend of hydrocracked base stocks and the latest OEM-approved additive technology, it guarantees superior performance in demanding conditions.

Why settle for less when you can equip your engine with an oil that carries the license from the API (American Petroleum Institute) and meets CK-4 specifications? Not just that, it also exceeds the latest European ACEA E9 requirements, along with a multitude of other manufacturer specifications.

Unlock the full potential of your machinery today with the Penrite Convoy DHD 15W-40 Oil. Your equipment deserves nothing but the best!

Tractor Transmission & Hydraulic Oil (UTTO)

When it comes to the longevity of your farm tractors and construction equipment, you need a solution that’s as relentless as your machinery. Meet the Penrite Tractor Transmission & Hydraulic Oil, a multipurpose 10W-30 / 75W-80 UTTO (Universal Tractor & Transmission Oil) designed for your high-demand equipment.

This robust hydraulic fluid is made from exceptionally refined base oils, combined with the newest additive technology package. What does this mean for your machinery? Superior performance, extensive versatility, and unrivalled endurance.

Whether you’re operating transmissions, hydraulics, PTOs, hydraulic bearings, or even final drives, especially those using wet brake systems, this oil is your machinery’s best ally. It’s even suitable as a hydraulic oil where ISO 68 grades are specified.

But the Penrite Tractor Transmission & Hydraulic Oil doesn’t just offer optimum performance. It’s packed with anti-wear agents that ensure your machinery is shielded from corrosion and wear. Plus, it minimises wet brake chatter while keeping braking performance at its peak.

Give your machinery the protection and efficiency it deserves. Equip it with Penrite Tractor Transmission & Hydraulic Oil and experience the difference.

Green OEM Coolant Concentrate

Experience genuine, warranty-approved performance with the Penrite Green OEM Coolant Concentrate, an ethylene glycol-based, anti-freeze, anti-boil coolant straight from the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) labs. It boasts a genuine GLYSANTIN® G48® formula, mirroring the exact coolant your machinery received during its initial factory fill.

With this coolant, you’re not just ensuring high-quality performance – you’re investing in the prolonged health of your cooling system. Thanks to its advanced HYBRID (HOAT – Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) based inhibitor system, the Penrite Green OEM Coolant Concentrate is Phosphate, Amine, and Nitrite free.

This superior coolant goes the extra mile. It offers outstanding rust and corrosion prevention, halts cavitation, and guards against cooling system degradation. How long, you ask? Prepare for a stunning 8 years or 500,000 km of consistent, unparalleled performance.

Make the right choice for your cooling system. Opt for Penrite Green OEM Coolant Concentrate and join the ranks of those who choose unparalleled protection and performance.

HD Gear Oil 80W-90 (Mineral)

Your heavy-duty machinery deserves a gear oil that’s built for the task. Introducing Penrite HD Gear Oil 80W-90, a premium mineral gear oil that’s been engineered to exceed your highest expectations.

Featuring a blend of cutting-edge extreme pressure additives and top-tier base oils, this gear oil conforms to the stringent standards of API GL-5 and MT-1, as well as a host of other manufacturer specifications. Quality isn’t just promised – it’s built into every drop.

Designed for a myriad of heavy-duty applications, the Penrite HD Gear Oil 80W-90 excels in differentials (both hypoid and limited slip), manual gearboxes, transfer cases, and transaxles in commercial vehicles, 4WDs, passenger cars, construction, earthmoving, and agricultural equipment. Wherever a viscosity grade of 80W-90 is required, this gear oil delivers.

And that’s not all. It also serves as an ideal replacement where SAE 90 and 85W-90 oils are recommended. Expect an unparalleled level of protection under all conditions, including under severe shock loads. The Penrite HD Gear Oil 80W-90 ensures wear prevention and extends the life of your critical parts.

Choose Penrite HD Gear Oil 80W-90 – because your machinery deserves the best!

Indus HV 68 (Zinc Free)

Reliability, performance, adaptability – these aren’t just desirable qualities; they’re what the Penrite Indus HV 68 stands for. This premium ISO 68 HV (High Viscosity Index) hydraulic oil is the answer to all your machinery’s needs.

The Indus HV 68 is more than just an oil. It’s a symbol of uncompromising quality, free from Zinc and Chlorine. This ashless oil is crafted from specially selected hydro-treated base stocks, an advanced AW (anti-wear) additive, and a remarkably shear stable viscosity modifier.

But the Penrite team didn’t stop there. They’ve incorporated a fluorescent dye into this oil for easy identification under UV light in dark conditions or during the daytime. Your maintenance is as important to us as the performance we deliver.

Abiding by the stringent standards of ISO 6743 Part 4, Type HV and DIN 51524 Part 3 (HLP/HVLP), Indus HV 68 confidently steps up to the plate, ready for the toughest of jobs. It’s designed for hydraulic systems exposed to a wide range of ambient temperatures, making it the perfect choice for mining, construction and agricultural equipment.

Equip your machinery with Penrite Indus HV 68 – for power and performance that stand the test of time.

High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease

Discover superior protection with Penrite’s High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease. This NLGI No 2, light blue, all-purpose, extreme pressure (EP) grease is the essential lubricant your machinery has been waiting for.

Penrite has combined high-quality base oils and a lithium complex soap thickener, crafting a grease that’s not just a lubricant, but a performance enhancer. It boasts cutting-edge additives that deliver stickiness, incredible load carrying capacity, and outstanding resistance to water washout. But that’s not all. Expect exceptional anti-wear protection and effective extreme pressure performance.

The Penrite High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease is no one-trick-pony. It’s highly effective in a plethora of industrial applications, such as rolling element bearings, plain bearings, and medium-speed anti-friction bearings. This grease shines in the harsh environments of steel mills, underground tunnels, mining and ore crushing plants, offering unparalleled lubrication.

Don’t just settle for lubrication. Equip your machinery with a grease that works as hard as you do. Trust in Penrite’s High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease – for the smooth and protected performance your machinery deserves.

ACT Grease XEP2

Get set for a new standard of lubrication with the Penrite ACT Grease XEP2. This tenacious, semi-synthetic, NLGI 2, lithium complex grease has been expertly formulated for agricultural and construction equipment, and on-highway trucks. Engineered with your rigorous work in mind, it is your ultimate ally on the field or on the road.

The ACT Grease XEP2 is far more than your average grease. It utilises a pioneering bismuth EP/AW additive technology, married with carefully blended polymers. This powerful combination not only ensures excellent stay-in-place properties but also adheres to critical parts, providing superior lubrication to metal surfaces. Unmissable in its vibrant red-orange colour, this grease marks a new era of lubrication.

When it comes to your construction and agricultural equipment, this grease is a game-changer. It provides superior lubrication to all grease points, including bearings, king pins, and shackles. For areas demanding exceptional water resistance and long re-lubrication intervals, the ACT Grease XEP2 is the unequivocal recommendation.

Upgrade your equipment with Penrite ACT Grease XEP2 – a true force in maintaining the smooth and reliable operation of your machinery.

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