Zero turn vs ride on mower – which should you get?

Explore the benefits of a zero turn vs ride on mower. Let’s delve into the most frequently asked questions that can help you with your lawn care requirements.

In the world of lawn maintenance, the debate between zero turn mowers and traditional ride-on mowers is ever-present. Both have their merits, but which one truly stands out when it comes to efficiency, precision, and overall performance? 

Let’s delve deep into the advantages of zero turn mowers, particularly highlighting the exceptional range of Bobcat Zero Turn Mowers available from Delecca’s. From understanding the unique manoeuvrability of these mowers to answering the most frequently asked questions, we aim to guide you in making an informed decision for your lawn care needs.

Bottom Line Up Front - Zero turn vs ride on mower:

In the heart of regional Victoria, the right tools make all the difference in maintaining your property. For those who value precision, efficiency, and long-lasting quality, the choice is clear: zero turn mowers

And there’s no better place to explore this exceptional range than at Delecca’s. With a legacy of understanding the unique needs of our regional community, Delecca’s offers not just products, but a commitment to service, expertise, and genuine local support. 

Why settle for anything less than the best? Call Delecca’s on 1300 77 88 26 today and discover how Bobcat zero turn mowers can transform your lawn care experience.

Is a zero turn better than a ride on mower?

Zero turn mowers, like the ones offered by Bobcat, are designed for precision, efficiency, and speed. Unlike traditional ride-on mowers, zero turn mowers can pivot 180 degrees, allowing for a more accurate cut around obstacles. This feature ensures that there’s minimal uncut grass even after making a turn. For properties with numerous obstacles or intricate landscaping, a zero turn mower is undoubtedly superior. Bobcat’s range, in particular, guarantees a superior cut, dependable performance, and unparalleled comfort, making them a top choice for many.

Bobcat ZT7000 Zero Turn Mower

What are the pros and cons of zero turn vs tractor mower?


Efficiency: Zero turn mowers can significantly reduce mowing time.

Manoeuvrability: They can navigate around obstacles with ease.

Quality of Cut: Bobcat zero turn mowers, for instance, are engineered for a superior and consistent cut.


Learning Curve: It might take some time to get used to the controls.

Cost: They are generally more expensive upfront than traditional mowers.

Terrain Limitations: They might not perform as well on steep slopes.

What's the advantage of a zero turn mower?

The primary advantage of a zero turn mower is its manoeuvrability. The ability to turn on a dime allows for precise trimming around obstacles, reducing the need for secondary tools like trimmers. This precision, combined with speed, can cut down mowing time by up to half compared to traditional mowers. Bobcat zero turn mowers also deliver a superior cut and dependable performance, ensuring that users get a pristine lawn every time.

Do I really need a zero turn mower?

The need for a zero turn mower depends on the size of your property and the complexity of its landscape. If your lawn has many obstacles, such as trees, flower beds, or pathways, a zero turn mower like the Bobcat can be invaluable. It’s designed for both efficiency and comfort, making lawn maintenance quicker and more enjoyable.

Bobcat ZT6100 Zero Turn Mower

Why can you mow faster with a zero turn mower?

Zero turn mowers are designed for speed and efficiency. Their ability to turn 180 degrees without leaving any uncut grass means fewer passes are needed. Additionally, models like the Bobcat zero turn mowers are equipped with powerful engines that provide the necessary speed to cut through grass swiftly.

What to know before buying zero turn mower?

Before purchasing a zero turn mower, consider the size of your property, the terrain, your budget, and the mower’s features. It’s also essential to look into the mower’s deck size, engine power, durability, and brand reputation. For instance, Bobcat mowers are known for their superior engineering, robust construction, and longevity.

Can zero turn mowers cut long grass?

Yes, zero turn mowers, especially those from reputable brands like Bobcat, are designed to handle long grass. Their powerful engines, combined with high-quality blades, ensure a clean and even cut, even in overgrown conditions.

Can zero turn mowers cut wet grass?

While zero turn mowers can cut wet grass, it’s generally not recommended. Wet grass can clog the mower deck and reduce the quality of the cut. It’s always best to mow when the grass is dry for optimal performance and longevity of the mower.

How much should I spend on a zero turn mower?

The amount to spend on a zero turn mower depends on your needs and budget. In Australia, the price range can vary significantly, with Bobcat zero turn mowers ranging from around $9,900 to over $27,000 (including GST). It’s essential to consider the mower’s features, durability, and the size of your property before making a decision.

What is the life expectancy of a zero turn mower?

The life expectancy of a zero turn mower depends on its build quality, maintenance, and usage frequency. High-quality mowers from reputable brands like Bobcat, when properly maintained, can last for many years, often a decade or more.

Bobcat ZT6000 Zero Turn Mower

How fast can you mow an acre with a zero-turn?

The speed at which you can mow an acre with a zero turn mower depends on the mower’s size and efficiency. With a zero turn mower, especially efficient models like those from Bobcat, you can expect to mow an acre in significantly less time than traditional mowers, often in under an hour.

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